Abrasive Filament Brush

Our Abrasive Filament Brushes, comes with Abrasives like Silicon Carbide,  impregnated in the Nylon Filaments and they give the perfect Deburring Solutions even for Complex Applications.

Key Features:

-Customized and Standardized  Filament Brushes.

– Power Driven/ Manual Usage.

Industries: Metal Industry, Industrial Equipment Industry, Machine Tool Industry.

Materials:  Abrasives- Silicon Carbide, Aluminim Oxide,Diamond.

Abrasive Grit sizes: 80,120,160,240,320, etc,.






Application: Surface Cleaning, Surface Washing, Burr/ Dust Removal.

*With Abrasives like Silicon carbide, Aluminium oxide, Diamond  being impregnated inside the nylon filaments, we can expect better metal deburring action and a perfect finish.